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Ropaki is a platform for event organizers and brand owners. Iron out the process of organizing events and setting up competitions. It will help you with the annoyances of managing people, attract visitors and participants, and acquire sponsorships while your employees focus on other aspects of their jobs. Ropaki captures the value of these activities and actively involves both the participants and the visitors so you’re not on your own.

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Start planning your event from day one. Set up your event page in minutes and create your competition with different levels you determine. Send out the invites to whomever you require to have your co-workers collaborate using the guidelines you have set in the build-in handbook.

Increase your visibility

Your event page is the business card of your event. It’s the place fort hat will attract your target audience, participants and it is the place that sponsors will be looking at. Create your own forms for your audience and setup your (automatic) e-mails responses towards your growing contact database. Style your event page according your brand guidelines while adding content is as easy as making toasting bread.


While your guests and participants are registering to your event, follow the progress in your event dashboard. Approve them to join your event or… deny them when they do not meet your predetermined requirements. Many more functionalities to help you manage your event and we are still at the start.


It is easy to set up a competition in Ropaki involving multiple events. No competition however is complete without a way to judge the participants and keeping track of their score. The build-in judging is made for that. Invite your judges and connect them to the participants. Create your own jury form, have your judges judge using smartphones and automatically collect and process their feedback. The best will be marked as winners and will be pushed towards the next round.

Still in Beta

The best thing is that Ropaki is still in beta. We still have a long list of features waiting to be implemented and it just keeps getting better. (p.s. it includes your ideas)

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